The briefing:
The AWO (Arbeiterwohlffahrt) Siegen is planning the first inclusion hotel in South Westphalia. People with and without disabilities will work together in the hotel. The large new building of the 3-star hotel offers all the amenities of a modern hotel business. The basic idea of the hotel is to enable people with disabilities to train in the catering and hotel industry and to make them fit for the start of their own careers and enable them to live independently. Based on the core idea of the hotel, we developed an integrative graphic concept for the wall illustrations.

The idea:
The hotel is located in the middle of beautiful nature with diverse hiking and touring possibilities. During the implementation, we wanted to avoid talking about the typical clichés when interact with people with disabilities. For the fünf10 Hotel, inclusion is a self-perception that, at best, does not need to be talked about. We live Inclusion and not just talking about it. Actions speaks louder than words!  This initial concept gave rise to 12 multiple illustrations that visually capture all the species and animal diversity of the Roothaargebirge. Through a photographic double exposure effect, animal and nature motifs merge in a unique symbiosis.​​​​​​​ Animals, plants and trees live with and from each other. The nature and forest areas of this specific area show people quite naturally how inclusion works. Through the use of various natural materials such as wood and moss as well as the dominant green and brown tones, the wall illustrations blend perfectly into a harmonious overall picture within the modern interior.
An idea that shows the new medium of wall printing in perfection. A creation that inspires young and old without losing too many words.

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