The internet consists of billions of opinions. Attitudes. Hopes. But who provides them with the space they deserve? We thought that to be a good idea. And subsequently launched a unique experiment: Thoughtraits.

In a team of coders, artists, designers and creative thinkers, we developed the hashtagbot, which can be seen on our homepage as it draws live. It’s an analogous device with a digital heart, a hybrid that can alternate between the online and offline world. This bot searches the Internet for the latest hashtags. And uses an algorithm to convert the most interesting ones into data streams – capturing the original idea as a unique analogous replica on canvas. As a materialized replica of a thought. As a thoughtrait. 

After the digital thought has been transformed to an analogous piece of art, it is then captured with a camera and re-emerges again on the internet as a digitized drawing. This wave-like flow of thoughts across media is a unique approach that encourages us in our experiment: 

Anyone who thinks differently and from time to time views things from new perspectives, will always find new and exciting paths worth treading.

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