​​​​​​​Garagengefühl – The new magazin for the Klassikgarage Kronberg.

Lifestyle magazines being like hollow heads, business magazines like nerds, car magazines like plebs and advertisements like gadflys - we’re able to reflect some of them all.
Headed by Sebastian Lachermeier and Florian Dietrich from Change Communication in Frankfurt, an interdisciplinary creative team of designers, illustrators, photographers and copywriters, developed a magazine for the Klassikgarage Kronberg.
Fitted with a thematically apt title, Garagengefühle, the magazine’s content is packed in a dense 60 pages and the edition limited to 1000 copies. The conceptual design reflects the diversity of characters found amongst vintage designs: matte black and mean as a Mustang; clad in an oversize DIN A3 format as conspicuous as the legendary VW Microbus Deluxe; then again, as puristic as Porsche’s 911 or as ludic as Alfa Romeo’s Spider. Decorated with the faces of celebrities, it’s full of persisting questions and 
quick-witted answers. And each page is colored in an individual hue. Brumm, Brumm.
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