hi, My name is basty.

Being a Strategic Art Director means everything I do and think of has purpose. I don't just create pretty things. I create pretty things with a story behind it because no matter what's the latest trend in advertising, it always starts with a good story.
Currently, I'm a Freelance Art Director and Creative Director right in the middle of Germany. I enjoy brewing coffee, drinking craftbeers with funny names on them and i'm standing sideways on almost any kind of board (Snowboard, Skateboard, Surfboard, Snakeboard) since the early 90ies. This is also the way my brain works.
I had the pleasure to work for a couple of the finest creative agencies around the world.
International Design and Creative Awards: 30+
Just drop me a message: hey@bastrt.com
I will respond as soon as possible. 
or give me a call +49 171 722 19 68
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